5 things I wish undergraduate programs taught me

Most of the people in my circle know I teach 4th grade in my spare time. (HA! It actually takes up most of my time). It's an amazing job, profession, career, whatever you want to call it, I absolutely love it. But just because I love it does not mean by any sense that is... Continue Reading →


Dream Stream fishing

Pictures first, writing later. That's my writing process. Pictures inspire me to write about my life and share with you. I recently took a writing class for my Master's Degree in Reading Instruction for Teaching, and in this class I fell in love with writing again. My instructor inspired me to be a writer, for... Continue Reading →

Busier than a bee

The power of saying yes! . . . But what if you say yes too much? You see, teaching full time, taking classes towards a master's degree, helping teach two after school classes, and taking two professional development classes has got my schedule covered. Not to mention spending time with Corbin, my friends, and my... Continue Reading →

Rainy day= movie day

A day in the beginning of August, it rained. When you're up in the middle of the mountains and it's pouring.... there is not a lot to do. But when you have a projector, delicious food, and even better company.... there is quite a lot to do. Downloading movies before we head up the canyon... Continue Reading →

Friends and Foraging

Learning to forage and find food out in the forest has been eye-opening and reassuring. Eye-opening because there are so many plants we can eat out in the forest if we ever needed to survive out there. Reassuring because if I ever needed to survive out there I feel confident I could last for awhile.... Continue Reading →

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