December 12, 2021

So, I have a huge chalkboard in my kitchen and I write/draw/write notes/ hang photos/notes, and I also have a tally of “Aurora’s Ear Compliments.” I keep tally because I think it is hilarious. How does one dog get so many compliments?

I walk Aurora, we go on neighborhood walks up and down the sidewalks, tethered by leash to hiking up Mt. Sentinel or walking in Sentinel High School, oftentimes, people stop or pause and say something about Aurora’s ears. And ever since the first 30 compliments, I’ve kept a tally. Aurora has close to 200 compliments of people saying something like: “I love how one of her ears is just always up.” Aurora has this look about her, she’s a very beautiful dog, if I do say so myself. It just cracks me up though!

I have literally had so many people start conversations just on Aurora. Is everyone this approachable? When I am on my walks, I am in my zone, reflecting on my day, listening to music or a podcast, I hardly stop to talk to someone. But if someone stops me, it is because the must compliment Aurora. I don’t mind, in fact, I have grown to love it. Perhaps it gives me a sense of confidence through my dog. How strange indeed!

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