A full trip around the sun, tiny living style

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I was looking at Corbin this morning, waking up from the 4th of July daze. I often do this, lay in bed while Corbin makes our coffee, and I look at him. It’s a loving look. He knows this. I’ve been looking at him like this from this exact spot in our bed for a full year know.

Oh, the bliss.

Oh, the love I feel for him. This devoting love that writers have spent years and years trying to write about. I have it with Corbin. So in love that my heart literally hurts to be away from him for too long. He is my partner, my lover, my best friend.

This year living in our tiny space, has been filled with many big dreams coming true. Many loving looks like this one. Many, many wonderful memories. And there are more to come.

A few of my favorites from a full year living together;

learning lots of new things, like how to be completely sustainable, using a generator, learning how our batteries work, etc.;

IMG_3462 2

meeting many quirky people, my favorite was a weird old man who lived out of a boat;

dancing to our Spotify music hooked up to the Bluetooth stereo, one of our favorites is called “California” by the Lagoons;

cuddling for hours in the morning not wanting to let go, my favorite;

making countless cups of coffee with a splash of coconut milk;

trips of a lifetime, one to South Korea, one to Montana (we want to move there), one to Portland, many to new camp spots such as The Great Sand Dunes, to the Maroon Bells just in time for the autumn colors,IMG_1742

(Montana pictures)


IMG_9656 2

homemade meals, homemade everything from salsa to mayo to deodorant, one of our favs is to many Smoke Chicken Curry, or smoking our own bacon, we even smoked our own octopus and made octopus mac and cheese;

IMG_4097 3IMG_0838IMG_5585 2IMG_5656

many fly fishing adventures, I now have my own rod, and it is legit and so much freaking fun;

updating various features in our home, currently adding new curtains and we’ve added shelves, and pictures, hooks, carpet during the winter months that kept our toes warm;


many new places to park, such as in the mountains near Switzerland Trail, in Boulder off Boulder Canyon, in Erie on a coworkers land, in Niwot on new friend’s land, back up in the mountains near Gold Hill;

adapting to living in different Colorado cities during the changing seasons,

watching movies projected onto our extra white sheet, we just recently got our own projector!

watching downloaded Netflix shows on an iPad, my favorite is Queer Eye 🙂

listening to NPR;

listening to Harry Potter;

listening to podcasts, my favs are Invisibilia, or Joe Rogan;

reading books,

tying flies, Corbin does this, and it’s so cool;

organizing to find the best places for our things, we are still finding the best ways to organize our clothes;

buying new tubes to tube down the boulder creek, way too much fun;

loving each other through it all.

This has been a year full of life. Full of adventure. Full of love. I would highly, highly recommend living in a tiny space. I got lucky to live with someone incredible. Someone I can share everything to. Someone who listens when I cry. Someone who laughs with me. Someone who holds me when I’m scared. Someone who loves me for me.

I don’t think this year would be the same without Corbin. I couldn’t live in my tiny home alone. I know that for sure. He is what makes it home. He is what makes it an adventure.

Our love is woven into everything we do. But it’s easy. It’s so easy to love him. And it’s been pretty damn easy to live in our tiny home.

**** This was a draft from July 5, 2018. Now just posted January 11, 2022. A year after no longer being with said person in the article above.

Excuse me while I go ball my eyes out.

I don’t know why I never posted this. I found it in my drafts after logging back in. And it makes it harder that I don’t know if Corbin knew how much I loved him. From the beginning. He was my person. He was my everything. Did he even know how I felt back then, too?

And that’s just it. Was.

I am learning that somethings were meant to be temporary. As much as we try to fight it, the universe has something different for us planned.

I for one, do not regret a thing. I am grateful for the years I got to love Corbin. He taught me so much about myself that I am forever grateful for. I deserve to find a love like that again. I know I won’t take it for granted again.

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