By: Dash, while looking at my pup snooze on the couch next to me

Aurora Borealis. Great Pyrenees/Shepherd Mix. Two and a half years old.

Personality: socially conservative; loves to play one-on-one with other females doggies; nervous around humans; hates to be laid on; will snuggle with me for approximately five minutes before she gets too hot; prefers to hike/walk off leash and chase little bunnies and squirrels; loves to run after a ball and not bring it back; loves to stop and sniff every spot of yellow snow; LOVES THE SNOW; will be outside laying in the snow for as long as she can; loves Greenies dental treats; only eats when she is hungry; very particular and picky with what treats she loves to eat.

Aurora is a good listener, can be very stubborn but wants to please me, her master. She is the sweetest pup and can sometimes be a bitch when the attention is not on her…. only child syndrome? I love her soo much. I do not know what I would do without her.

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