November 16, 2021

This morning at 6:20 am we passed a deer family. This was exciting because it’s not every day you see a deer yet alone a WHOLE family. We happened upon the mom deer first. And not going to lie, it spooked me! That gal was not backing down… she stomped her front hoof for us to-not-come-any-closer.

Her green eyes reflected off my headlamp, she was not going anywhere. At first I start making my body bigger and start making woof sounds. Aurora tried to juke and startle. This deer was not moving. She instead moved across the sidewalk path. And that’s when I noticed the others. The babies. She moved closer to her young fawns just nibbling on their morning breakfast grass.

Ohhhh, I started talking to the mother deer. Oh, good morning, we didn’t mean to startle you.

We went around through the grass… I have a headlamp and made my body look a bit bigger? She was PROTECTING her little deers. No sooner did Aurora and get safely around the mama deer and her littles, PAPA DEER comes across the street. It was quite a morning.

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