Not all heroes wear capes!

My 4th grade team has a superhero theme, which I love. And I just got done teaching my students how superheroes have certain qualities to make them superheroes. For instance, perseverance, strength, trustworthiness, willingness to enter danger etc., are all qualities that you might need to be a great superhero. Well, let me tell you,... Continue Reading →


Sun-ergy (sun+energy) …. get it?

Colorado's sun is one of our main energy sources for our trailer. ¬†We can pretty much run everything off of this source. The only things that can't run off the sun are our biggie appliances. So, our small fridge is powered by a propane tank, the water heater can work off our generator or the... Continue Reading →

Smokin’ chicken curry

Check out those grill marks!!! Mmmmmmm, Cooking. Something I have always loved to do, and something I keep getting better at each time. Corbin is an amazing cook, too. And even better smoker/ griller. While we were up in Sunshine Canyon, we could have a fire and then smoke in our tiny Weber grill, too!... Continue Reading →

Top of the world!

When I was young in the mountains, I never dreamed I would someday be living full-time in middle of them. When I was young in the mountains, I didn't know how many wild flowers were edible. When I was young in the mountains, I looked up at the night sky with the same amazement and... Continue Reading →

Finding beauty…. whenever I can

Sooooooo, our travel trailer living isn't always glamorous, can you believe that? Laughing to myself as I write this because, I don't know if you know this, but our home carries around our poo. Luckily, I have Corbin, who knows way more than me (I am learning), but when we fill up our Black Water... Continue Reading →


Look closely. They are there, all three. Three rainbows all lined up in the most perfect crescent, rainbow arch. After the most lovely rainstorm. Three colorful friends visited us. The third under the second, barely there, look closely, you can see it. I can't help but think, are three pots of gold waiting for us... Continue Reading →

Nodding (noodling) Onions

We spent a wonderful weekend helping our friends parents move into their new home near Como, Colorado. It's close to Fairplay! Wow, their new home is gorgeous! About 15 minutes from the main highway, we winded through the dirt roads to pull up to their mountain home nestled in between aspen trees. While there we... Continue Reading →

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