Pictures first, writing later. That’s my writing process. Pictures inspire me to write about my life and share with you. I recently took a writing class for my Master’s Degree in Reading Instruction for Teaching, and in this class I fell in love with writing again. My instructor inspired me to be a writer, for myself. Not just because I am a teacher and should be writing, which is important. But to just write, for me. And then sure my friends and family can hopefully read a long. 🙂 I think writing can heal the world.

Pictures first, writing later. It’s easy for me, the amazing life I am living, it is easy to snap pictures every day. I feel like I living my dream. In the picture I posted today, we went with Mike and his girlfriend, Hannah down to the Dream Stream in the South Platte River. It is supposed to be some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the state at this time of year. We went about a month ago (I am terrible at posting on time), but it was incredibly beautiful. I mean look at that sunset!

This was really the first trip Corbin and I took that I was holding the fishing rod a lot more. Mike is a professional fly fisher, his job is to take people out and teach them to fly fish. What a sweet job! But he gave me tips that day as well as his girlfriend, which made me feel a lot more confident going to fish on my own. I was starting to get the hang of the motion. You almost have to do a rainbow arch when you move the line up stream again.

We did not have the best luck at the Dream Stream that day. Hannah was the only one that caught a big ol’ fish right before we left. But overall we all had a great time. Something I really had to realize was that with fishing, it doesn’t matter if you catch a fish or not, it’s truly about the experience. And let me tell you, we had quite the experience that day.

So, I am new at fly fishing, I do not have any gear to do this sport on my own. Everything we use is Corbin’s. Well, you want to wear fishing waders when you go to a river like this. Waders are these overall type of clothing that are waterproof so that you put them on and can go up to waist deep in the water. Not only that, but when you have to bush-whack your way around the stream, these bad-ass waders help you so that you don’t get destroyed by some really sticky, prickly plants! Well, like I said, I don’t have any gear, so no waders for me. Unlike my friends, Mike, Hannah, and Corbin, I had no waders trudging around this Dream Stream. . . all I had was long pants and Hannah’s Chaco’s. In hindsight I should have worn socks with those Chaco’s but, nevertheless, you could say it was quite the experience for my legs/ feet. Corbin and I ended up getting in a tiff because I was upset I was not prepared and was uncomfortable.

It was probably very comical watching us trudge around this stream as I was trying to avoid every prickly patch of plants, being dramatic, and saying “OW!” every time I didn’t avoid one. I am still laughing as I am writing this, I got so mad at Corbin. It’s not like it was his fault! He had never been here before, he had no idea it was going to be like that. But of course, sometimes you blame things on your partner for no reason, probably because I love them the most.

Anyway, we had an amazing weekend down there.  We ended up going night fishing when it was raining, and that was truly one of my favorite memories fishing. That’s when this photo was taken, through the clouds, the sunset poked itself through. I cannot describe it, you feel alive when there is the crispness of the night air blowing on your face.

Although, we had our ups and downs on this fishing trip, we truly enjoyed ourselves, and that’s when I realized the beauty of fishing. You really don’t have to catch anything and it is still the best time.

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