Falling in love with the Maroon Bells

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I walk around the corner, the yellow-orange colors spark a match that lights up the goosebumps on my skin and I can feel my the hairs on my legs, my arm, my entire body, start to rise. I made it. The gorgeous Maroon Bells fill my vision. A vision I will never, ever forget. A vision I will dream about for months until I can go back.

Corbin and I fell in love with the Maroon Bells a month ago. We booked a trip about six months ago to camp there, and it finally arrived. A long awaited trip, turned to reality. Unbelievable. Pictures cannot even capture the essence this magical place brings.

We were lucky to stay for three nights, four days near the Maroon Bells, and we were able to see the autumn colors come to fruition more and more each day. When you get there are so many people, so many tourists, that you almost get scared it won’t be like the pictures. But then you turn the corner, and you are awe-inspired. Still worth it, despite the heavy traffic of people. We had the most amazing, relaxing time in Aspen. We cooked delicious fire-heated meals every day, read books, took naps, talked for hours, and the best part? Corbin set up a projector and we watched movies at our campsite. Living like queens would be an understatement. This trip is the definition of Happiness for me. Spending quality time with my love, and falling in love with a new mountain scenery, life couldn’t be better.

Although this was my favorite trip we have taken, it took a lot of preparation to get there. When you are a teacher, leaving sub plans is a huge pain in the arse.  Three days worth of sub plans. . . this was the most challenging part of leaving. Three days worth of work for my 4th graders to complete while I soak up the autumn breeze miles away. Of course leading up to leaving for three days, I was incredibly stressed. All my teacher friends would say it, leaving sub plans is almost more work than just staying put. You have to make sure each day you come up with meaningful lessons and tasks for your students to do with someone you’re not sure can teach! Luckily, everything went okay, for the most part.

I am incredibly blessed to be at the school I am at. The support is unreal. Between my teammates, my administration and the office ladies. Everyone wants the best for each other. So when I get a sub that no one knows, and that leaves a real lasting memory in everyone’s mind it becomes a real talk of the school.

The sub that replaced me for three days was just that, a lasting memory for everyone. Every single person, including my students, had a story about this woman. I mean, all I can ask for is that the kids are safe, but oh my she did not follow my plans in the slightest. She cursed in front my students, and pressured my office ladies to have more access to the building. I think she meant well, but she came across as brass. She demanded her own computer, her own key card access, and even left early one day! Oh my, when I came back from this wonderful trip, I was surprised to hear the stories. I guess that is the gamble when you leave for three days and don’t request a sub.

You live and learn, and I definitely learned to make sure I get sub that everyone will be comfortable with for the time I am absent. Overall, Maroon Bells, you have my heart. Now I demand everyone make this one of the places on your bucket list. Just take my advice and leave a good plan for when you go? 😉

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