TRAVEL! We recently flew across the International Dateline to South Korea! Heyyooo!

Perhaps a better way to express this is by way of poem;

Feelin’ Korean

By: Dani Sheehan


The culture,


The history,


The gold,

undeniably, lively.

We laughed,


drank cheap Korean beer,

told stories,



tried to fish,

watched amazing athletes compete down impossible tracks,

cheered on USA,

felt national pride,

tried incredibly interesting food,

drank delicious Makgeolli [Ma-koh-lee],

got our steps in, explored,



chanted U-S-A,



and taxi-ed our way through the city;

ate live octopus,

stayed in adorable guesthouses,

took our shoes off before entry,

ate amazing Korean barbecue,


Climbed up to see a view of the Sea of Japan AND the dragon’s back;

hammocked in the Beijing airport,

ate delicious steam buns,


fried fish;

watched Sean White win the gold!

Watched the figure skaters practice,

watched bad-ass women go down a huge luge track,

froze our butts off,

watched wonder-woman USA team beat Russia in hockey,

enjoyed more delicious steam buns,

enjoyed ramen noodles for breakfast

oh and watched The Handmade’s Tale, too!

Traveled up to the DMZ,

(demilitarized zone),

saw a cat,

learned not to point at said cat,

took pictures next to a soldier,

technically stepped on North Korean soil at the JSA,

learned interesting facts about the contentious history between the North and South,

got a little nervous standing there looking over at North Korea;

drank more cheap Korean beer, that stuff is good!

Hammocked in the Seoraksan National Park,

walked around the buddhist community at the park,

wanted to be that monk at that National Park,

saw incredible views at the top of this park,

meet insanely kind people at the top of the mountain,

they shared pictures they took of us,

drank delicious coffee at the base of the National Park,

hiked, walked, told stories walking along the small river,

tried to fish in this park,

only saw three fishies;

slept of the floor with incredible heating system underneath us,

this place is called a Hanbok,

saw Korean topography,

loved all of the topography;

bundled up,

learned how to say thank you in Korean,



received laughs and smiles every time we tried to speak the language,

had pictures taken of us,

took many, many pictures!


South Korea was amazing!








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