My 4th grade team has a superhero theme, which I love. And I just got done teaching my students how superheroes have certain qualities to make them superheroes. For instance, perseverance, strength, trustworthiness, willingness to enter danger etc., are all qualities that you might need to be a great superhero. Well, let me tell you, my man is the biggest superhero I know. No, he does not have a skin-tight outfit. No, he does not have the ability to fly across the sky, and no he does not have a cape. But he does empty our poo tank and that is why I call him my superhero.

The featured photo: Corbin emptying our poo tank into our new $79 Tote-N-Stor Portable Waste Transportation tank. This was amazing while we were in the canyon, and honestly even better now that we are at a more long term spot. Basically, we can fill this 11 gallon tank with our black water (wastewater) and greywater (shower/sink water) and take the portable tank down to Broomfield to dump. This saves us having to pack up everything and hook up to the truck every time we need to empty.

I call Corbin my hero because he graciously volunteers to dump every time. I watch him and help when needed, but he mostly does the job. It’s like visiting a port-a-potty as far as the smell goes and he can probably feel our turds slink through the tube…. EW! However, very necessary. This does make you think about everything you eat…. did anyone eat carrots recently?

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