Sun-ergy (sun+energy) …. get it?

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Colorado’s sun is one of our main energy sources for our trailer.  We can pretty much run everything off of this source. The only things that can’t run off the sun are our biggie appliances. So, our small fridge is powered by a propane tank, the water heater can work off our generator or the propane tank, our outlets need to be powered by a generator, and our air conditioner needs a lot more power to run (either two generators or plugged in electrically).

Our solar panel has 190 watts with an mppt ten amp charge controller to maximize the sun power. Corbin is AMAZING and mounted the solar panel on top of our trailer, as featured in the picture. And he ran protected wiring inside our trailer so the monitor of the solar panel is right inside. He is truly, truly amazing at hooking things up!

We are wondering if anybody knows how to, or knows somebody who knows how to hook up the solar panel’s wiring directly to our trailer’s battery? This would make it so we could run those biggie appliances off our solar charged battery. Maybe that could be something we work towards. For now, we use a mix of propane, solar energy, and a generator to get us going!

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