Check out those grill marks!!! Mmmmmmm, Cooking. Something I have always loved to do, and something I keep getting better at each time. Corbin is an amazing cook, too. And even better smoker/ griller.

While we were up in Sunshine Canyon, we could have a fire and then smoke in our tiny Weber grill, too! Our favorite recipe to smoke is chicken curry. Holy cow. The way the chicken melts in your mouth while swirling in the delicious taste of spicy curry. It’s soooooo good!

One thing I always need to remind myself is to not buy so many veggies at the store for this recipe. When we lived in an apartment we had this big pan we could make a big batch of curry, with lots of left overs. Now we adjust to our medium sized skillet that makes a little bit of left overs (enough to fill a Mason jar).

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