A clean car tells a lot about a person

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Living in the mountains for a month before the school year started was the best month ever. If our jobs allowed, I wish we could still be further up the canyon. But honestly it’s not very fun to have a super long commute. It gets old. You grow tired of it. Maybe someday. But for now back in town for us, closer to the job.

While living up there though, our cars got dirty:



Dirt-that-took-eight-quarters- worth- of-scrubbing-with-a-brush-at-the-local-car-wash-dirty.

Since then, when I see the same camel color dirt decorating the exterior of a car I can’t help but smile. Smiling in connection. Smiling because I know where their dirt comes from. Because I know what kind of life style that person loves, too. ❤️

2 Replies to “A clean car tells a lot about a person”

    1. Thank you- I️ appreciate the feedback! I️ agree it’s important to clean your car- especially living in Colorado with crazy weather patterns. Now with the snow, we gotta make sure to wash it- the stuff they put on the roads is not good!


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