We moved our home on wheels near a town called Gold Hill in the Boulder Canyon. Check out the amazing views! During the summer months, you are allowed to park your trailer, tent, car, up in the mountains for 14 days at a time, then you need to move it. Currently, Corbin and I are at a spot close to where the Switzerland trail starts. We are loving it. There are some things we have had to get used to though:

  1. The drive- 30 minutes from Boulder, Corbin has to wake up early (5:00am early) to get ready and leave for work to be there at 6:00am. That means I am up too, we are trying to cut down on how much gas we use. So we would both get up, drive the ’04 Honda, (if I wanted to head into town that day) and get into Boulder.
  2. No service- where we are, there is no cell reception. It’s actually a blessing, but also if you want to Netflix and Chill, we have to plan in advanced to have those episodes downloaded! Also, we gotta let our mamas know where are before we head up.
  3. The bugs- mosquitoes seem to love my AB+ blood. Thank goodness for the essential oils my mama gives me. She helped me mix cedar wood oil, peppermint oil, and lavender oil with water to make a homemade, and more natural bug repellent. It’s amazing, those buggers really do not like the smell! You really got to put that stuff on every time you go outside. This includes when you go to relieve yourself out in the wilderness… no exposed skin is safe.

Although there are a few life adjustments, we are loving it! I personally love the freedom we have out there. One day I spent the whole day up there, exploring around the area. The wild flowers are beautiful. Having no cell service is so wonderful. It makes me realize how much I go on my phone…  We’ll be up in this spot until the end of July.

I wonder where we will be in August….? 🙂



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