We spent a wonderful weekend helping our friends parents move into their new home near Como, Colorado. It’s close to Fairplay! Wow, their new home is gorgeous! About 15 minutes from the main highway, we winded through the dirt roads to pull up to their mountain home nestled in between aspen trees. While there we went foraging. Corbin’s coworker, Mason, and his wife Raylene, got us into foraging. There are so many plants you can eat that grow wild in the wilderness! Corbin has been wanting to find onions since we got the books. He says the other plants are cool, but like onions, those are useful, they make any dish taste better. As we try to be sustainable, finding food out in the wilderness is one of my favorite parts.

So we found the cutest little onions hidden underneath these cute purple flowers. You have to carefully push away the dirt surrounding the base of the stem, use a stick, or knife to dig further around the stem, until you see it, the smallest, most pungent smelling onion you ever saw! Right smack dab in the middle of the wilderness!

We ended up washing and cutting these guys up in our salad for the evening. YUM!

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