Finding beauty…. whenever I can

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Sooooooo, our travel trailer living isn’t always glamorous, can you believe that? Laughing to myself as I write this because, I don’t know if you know this, but our home carries around our poo. Luckily, I have Corbin, who knows way more than me (I am learning), but when we fill up our Black Water Tank (a.k.a our Poo Tank) we have to go dump out!

Broomfield Wastewater Treatment plant will be the place we release some extra weight for only $25 a year! So, we bought our Septic Kit, including our hose and hook ups, so we can gently let it all go, literally. We have only done this once, we try to “go” outside or elsewhere when possible, as to not fill up the tank so fast. But when you gotta go, you go in there. Currently we are up in the mountains and don’t want to bring it down as much, and we have only filled the tank about an eighth full. Is this TMI for a blog? I did warn you in the ‘About’ section, I would include hilarious moments in here too ;).

We found this sunflower near the dump station, and I am trying to find beauty wherever we go. It’s not too hard, you only have to plug your nose a little bit at the dump station!


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