This past weekend Corbin and I took our home with us to Salida, CO. Amazing. I loved it there. You could have found us near the Arkansas River most of the weekend soaking up the sun. Corbin fly fished and caught two lil’ guys while I watched many people wipe out tubing down the rapids. I wanted to go rent a life jacket and blow up my tube too, but that river is not like the Boulder Creek. That river flows faster, stronger, harder then I’ve seen. Fear of falling out of the tube crept over me like waves crashing against the shore.

Burgers, beans, beers. Our last night spent in Salida is featured above. After an awe-inspiring sunset we ate on our small rug outside our home. Corbin, the master chef, me a great assistant, prepared D-lisious burgers over our small Weber grill. Not just any coals though. We use applewood coals. Which give the most delicious mouth-watering flavor to any meat. As if that wasn’t enough Corbin sprinkled onion, garlic and pepper on top of the patties while they grilled. We then added applewood smoked Gouda melted on top. To hold the perfect patty, we added butter grilled buns and added spinach to top it off. Then of course we had a small can of baked beans cooking on the grill as our side. All washed down by Coronas with lime wedges squeezed in the top. I guess you could say we enjoy gourmet cuisine out in the wilderness!

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