The 21 Day Sludge Project ***Warning****graphic spit*****

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Well here goes… embarking on another fad diet… JUST KIDDING! Seriously don’t click the tiny “x” yet!

Okay, you know I live in a tiny home, 22 sq.ft., Travel Trailer, cool. Then you also know that I don’t have running water, our pipes are winterized; so we have a jug of water we use for various needs, drinking water, cooking, coffee- duh and of course brushing our teeth. (My uncle’s a dentist, of course our teeth are clean. We are not that hippy).

I digress, I digress. You still with me?

Alright alright the challenge- so I’m going to post everyday. THE 21 DAY SLUDGE PROJECT. And you should record with me. No need to post, but let’s see how much you put down your sink!

Rules/ things I’m doing and sharing with you:

1. Keep a bowl in your main sink (probz your kitchen sink??) or if you’re like me you have one central hub? We use a medium sized orange bowl. (Shout out to my friend Nikki for this gift of said orange bowl).

2. Let, toss, spit everything you would normally put down the sink, in the bowl. So at the end of the day you should have: Okay I warned you!! Graphic spit!!

3. Write down said things, especially if you can’t tell what things are in there.

For example,

-In this bowl above you see Day 1 Sludge:

1. Red wine remains from night before (about 1/4 cup) I just couldn’t finish it–Okay!? * hence the burgundy color in picture above. also super great wine^ try it, four bottles in this one recyclable box! [Bota Box]

2. Homemade Oily bone soup, mostly the fatty oil the buffalo beef bones are giving off. (We are testing it every few hours, so obvi we test over the orange bowl). Also, thanks Ted and Elaine for buffalo bones! *if you zoom in on the picture you can see small almost perfect circles decorating the north end of the orange bowl. Also, again, bone soup is supposed to be soops (short for super) good for you.

3. Garlic bulb wrappings, actually not sure what these are called. * featured in north and east side of the orange bowl.

4. Left over coffee grounds mixed with water from this mornings coffee. *hence the deep looking water. All the grinds are on the bottom.

5. Brushing teeth spit mixed with Truly Radiant Arm and Hammer toothpaste…. mmmm minty fresh. *white foamy mixture covering about 1/3 of the bowl.

6. Cashes out pot remains from previous packed bowl. *Yeahhhh, now you know why I started this post.

You’re probably wondering why you are reading this right now. How outrageously stupid of me to post my nasty orange bowl pictures! Well, I have a point. Take it or leave it.

Now a days, it can be so easy to think out of sight out of mind. Let the drain take it away! Or throw literally whatever away! Trust me, I used to be like this.

But, now that I’ve been living trailer life for over six months now, my life is simple. I get to worry about what is in my Sludge bucket at the end of the day. I get to worry about which bin it will go in, because you know what? It freaking matters. But truly it has given me an awareness to what I throw away; what I normally would just wash down the drain, or even crunch in the garbage disposal, I am more mindful of. Having a compost right beside me:

I am just more mindful! And it’s something I am very grateful for.

Even though this is the most ridiculous thing to keep track of, I think you should try it. Even for just a day. Oh you would be surprised to know what I have seen in our orange bowl! (You can always wash the bowl when you’re done, we do this… maybe once every two weeks)

One plus is that Corbin and I have become so much closer because of it. We. See. It. All. His spit, my spit. His loogie, my loogie. (Don’t worry, Mom it’s not green he’s healthy).

Okay so the name: 21 Day Sludge Project came to mind. Mostly because I really like saying the word “Sludge” and I also think it’s a funny play on some diets that make you track your food for 21 days.

So instead of tracking your calories, or amount of doughnuts you do or don’t have, track your Sludge with me! It’ll be fun!

*disclaimer we pour said orange bowl, when full, in a fire pit behind our house. Ashes to ashes?**You can even put yours in the grass out back!!

All in all, we are just being more mindful or what we put down the sink- that’s all! No harm done.

Anyways, please send some Sludge pictures! Would love to see some nasty loogies!

Okay goodnight, January 16th, 2018

–All loogies consented to photos in the process of writing this blog.

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